3 Foreign Artists Who Are Prohibited from Coming to Indonesia

It turns out that there are foreign artists who have never set foot in their country. Not without reason, this is because they are prohibited from entering Indonesia by the government for various reasons. Even though it raises question marks, a number of reasons why they were prohibited from entering Indonesia were revealed. In fact, one of them went viral and shocked netizens. So, who are the foreign artists who are prohibited from entering Indonesia? Here’s the information.

1. Nuseir Yassin ‘Nas Daily’

First there is a vlogger from Israel, Nuseir Yassin from Nas Daily. This creator’s content was banned from entering Indonesia. Nuseir Yassin admitted that he was refused entry to Indonesia. He expressed this in a post on his personal Facebook, which told about his struggle to be able to visit Indonesia. “It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I have been rejected from visiting your country. I came to Singapore mainly to apply for an Indonesian Visa,” said Nuseir.

2.Leonardo DiCaprio

Then there is Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. The star of the film Titanic was threatened with deportation and criticized for not being allowed to return to Indonesia because he was suspected of carrying out a black campaign. At that time, Leo was visiting Leuser Park in Aceh. Leo is suspected of carrying out an illegal campaign against oil palm plantations in Aceh in 2016 and was threatened with deportation so that he would no longer be allowed to visit Indonesia.

3.Lady Gaga

Lastly there is Lady Gaga. This singer from the United States was banned from performing in Indonesia in 2012. At that time, Lady Gaga was about to hold her first concert in Indonesia. However, the singer of Born This Way was banned on the grounds of the Pornography Law, considering that Lady Gaga often appears vulgar and indecent.

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