5 Strongest Commanders in the Magic Chess Season 10 Mobile Legends Game

As we know, Magic Chess Mobile Legends has now entered Season 10. Of course there are many new updates regarding commanders and synergy in the game.

So, in this article we will discuss some of the strongest commanders in Magic Chess Season 10 that you can use in the game. Want to know who the strongest commanders are at the moment? Come on, just read this article until the end.

Recommendations for the Strongest Commander in Magic Chess

1. Ling

The first recommendation for the strongest commander in Magic Chess Season 10 is Ling. This Dawn Commander comes with very great and strong skills.

All of Ling’s skills are very reliable when you want to push rank in Magic Chess. You just have to match the skills you want to use with the strategy you want to use.

2. Rya

In the latest Magic Chess update, the percentage for getting hero blessings has become very small. So, to overcome this, many players rely on Commanders who can give Blessings to heroes like Rya.

As we know, Rya’s Budding Blossom Skill (Skill 3) can give a Blessing effect to one of the heroes we choose. So it’s not surprising that this Commander is often used by players in the game.

3. Eva

Eva is the next strongest Commander recommendation that you can rely on when playing in Magic Chess mode.

Eva has been on the rise recently because her Supplication skill (Skill 3) can be combined with various strongest Synergies such as Weapon Master.

So, if you don’t have this Commander, you can top up Mobile Legends diamonds first to buy it.

4. Asta

The next recommendation for the strongest Commander in Magic Chess is Asta. This Commander is indeed famous for his very unique abilities.

As we know, all the skills that Asta has will be very useful in the game when entering the late game.

Asta’s Skill 1 has the effect of providing additional Gold of 25% of the value of the Eliminated opponent’s Lineup. Asta’s Skill 2 has the effect of giving one of the heroes a blessing and star level belonging to the eliminated opponent. Meanwhile, Asta’s skill 3 has the effect of giving one of the eliminated opponent’s items.

So, you can adapt these skills to your playing style. You just have to adjust it to the strategy that you will use later in the game.

5. Augustus

Austus is the next strongest Commander that you can use in Season 10 of Magic Chess. Just like other Commanders, Austus has very great skills.

Among his three skills, the skill that is currently widely used is Austus’s Forest’s Blessing (Skill 3). This skill has the effect of collecting Shards every time your hero is eliminated.

If you manage to collect 10-19 Shards and win the next round, you will get a 5-Gold Hero which has been randomly blessed. And if you manage to collect more than 20 Shards, then you can get a 5-Gold Hero with 2 Star Level.

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