8 Best PC Online Games 2024

There are many exciting PC online games that you can choose from, ranging from single player games to multi player games that you can play together with friends. Moreover, now playing games can be an alternative activity to fill time and relieve stress.

As the name suggests, you can only play online games when connected to an internet network. The choice of genres of online games that can be played on PC is increasingly diverse, because the types are not only for men, now many can also be played by female gamers.

8 Most Challenging PC Online Games 2024

Here are 8 exciting online PC games that you can play alone or with friends, namely:

1. Among Us

The popularity of the game Among Us has started to decline, but that doesn’t mean this game isn’t interesting to play again. Among Us is a werewolf game that has an anti-mainstream concept, namely finding impostors or traitors in the crew of a space ship.

You can play this game with many friends at once, if you play this game with 9 players, then 3 of them are impostors and the rest are ordinary space ship crew. Your task is not only to find the impostor, but also to complete various existing missions.

Among Us is a paid game that you can play online on PC. This is different from the mobile version which can be played for free. Because it is a premium game, this game provides features without advertising, additional voice chat features and various costume choices.

2. Fortnite

Throughout 2023, the PC online game Fortnite will experience a significant increase in players. Not surprisingly, this game provides cool graphics as well as a battle royale game concept that is no less exciting than similar games.

While playing Fortnite, you not only have the task of finding and shooting enemies, but are also challenged to assemble buildings as hiding places. Later you can also use this building to aim at enemies more accurately.

Fortnite can be a free PC online game, but you are required to pay or buy the game if you want to make the game character have a different appearance. This purchase is optional, if you don’t do it, it will not affect the game battle.

3. Valorant

You are certainly familiar with the online PC web game Valorant. This online shooting game with a 5 player vs 5 player concept is quite interesting because the game gameplay is made like a MOBA concept. That way players can improve their skills at the same time in battle mode.

Valorant also received a lot of praise because it has stunning graphics for a game in its class. Not only that, the concepts and roles between players are also more diverse, so that each gamer has a unique role and can be creative or mix and match themselves.

Don’t worry, you can play the Valorant game for free without needing to purchase the game. The PC specs for playing the Valorant game are also not too high, so even a low end PC with moderate RAM can also play it.

4. Genshin Impact

There is also a free online game for women that can be played on PC, namely Genshin Impact. The game is actually open to all genders and can be played by anyone, because the main character of this game can be adjusted to the player’s tastes.

With the action role playing concept, Genshin Impact uses an open world system that allows you to explore various places while playing. There is also an interchangeable concept which allows players to change from one character to another.

This online PC game still has many players since it was first launched. Moreover, the developers from Genshin Impact often update the characters in the game and add interesting game quests. There are also special rewards for players if they complete certain levels or quests.

5. Overcooked 2

The next recommended PC online game is Overcooked 2, a cooking game that looks different from the others. The reason is because this game provides a game concept that is quite difficult than just a normal cooking game, making it popular among gamers who are looking for casual games.

In Overcooked 2, players must complete various tasks within a specified time frame. The higher the level you complete, the more difficult the challenges you have to complete. So it is not surprising that this game makes many players addicted.

The interesting part of this game is not only the gameplay, but also the graphics in the game. The gameplay in Overcooked 2 is also unusual, you will cook in the middle of a swamp, on a river, or on a hot air balloon. You can play this game by making a purchase for 100 thousand.

6. PUBG: Battlegrounds

A free online game that should not be missed is PUBG: Battlegrounds. This game is not only popular with gamers, but also professional gamers and v-tubers. The aspect that makes PUBG interesting is the player versus player shooter concept for up to 100 players in one session.

This large scale last man standing death match concept requires you to defeat all the players and become the one player who survives in the game. Even so, you can still choose to play this game solo, duo or team.

In one team, you can invite 3 players at once to beat the other team. Each game or match will begin with the players jumping from the plane using a parachute and descending on the available maps.

7. Rocket League

There are also games with an interesting concept, namely a combination of cars and football at the same time. This online PC game is not as popular as PC games in general, but it has enough players, so it’s still fun if you play it online.

When playing Rocket League, you will be asked to launch the car into the air while hitting the ball. Just like when you play FIFA or PES, you have to dribble and kick the ball so that it can enter the opposing team’s goal.

8. Apex Legends

Are you looking for a fun, light PC online game? Then Apex Legends could be the best choice. This game, which will be released in 2022, is still quite popular with thousands of players spread throughout the world.

There are many factors that make this game one of the most exciting games in 2023, starting from exciting gameplay, extensive battle maps, to eye-catching graphic quality. The available communication system is also quite interesting and makes it easier for players.

Finding fun games that can be played online is difficult and easy. However, with the recommended choices above, at least you can get a new list of games to play.

With the various choices of PC online games above, you can choose one that suits your tastes and preferences. Don’t forget to prepare a capable internet network so that gaming activities run smoothly.

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