Actor Lee Sang Yeob Married a Non-Celebrity Woman Today

Happy news comes from the South Korean entertainment industry. Actor Lee Sang Yeob is reportedly getting married today, Sunday (24/3). Lee Sang Yeob’s wedding to a woman who is not a celebrity will be held at a hotel in Seoul.

Lee Sang Yeob’s future wife, who is not a celebrity, is a beautiful woman who works at a securities company. Later, Yoo Jae Suk will be the emcee at Lee Sang Yeob’s wedding to his girlfriend. Not only that, musician Danny Koo will also be present to provide a tribute song.

For information, previously in 2023 Lee Sang Yeob was reported to be getting married soon. Then when he appeared at the Omniscient Viewpoint event on MBC in October 2023, Sang Yeob admitted that he and his lover had been in a relationship for 9 months.

“We have met for 9 months. I will hold a wedding. I feel comfortable and she is very beautiful in my eyes,” said Lee Sang Yeob.

In fact, Lee Sang Yeob’s agency, UB Management Group, has also confirmed that the artist will get married this March.

“As previously mentioned, it is true that Lee Sang Yeob will get married in March.” explained the agency.

“However, it is difficult for us to provide specific details regarding the date and place, because this relates to the actor’s personal life,” he stressed.

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