Analysis of the Dark Side of the Three Main Characters of the Film Saltburn

Has anyone watched the film Saltburn? What do you think of the film, which will be released on November 17 2023? Subjectively, in my opinion, this film cannot be accepted simply by many viewers.

Many will definitely avoid this film, but for fans of the genre, they will say it is good. This is just a matter of audience taste, but in fact Saltburn is very difficult to accept, even though the two main stars were nominated for best lead actor and actress at the 81st Golden Globe Awards.

Let’s thoroughly examine the dark side of the three main characters in the film Saltburn!

First, there is Olivier Quick, a student from a humble background, who once found himself in a dimly lit room in one corner of Oxford’s elite campus. His journey to excellence took the path of scholarship. This creates a striking difference between his simple life and the glittering luxury of the campus environment.

The character of Oliver Quick is played brilliantly by Barry Keoghan, who emerges as a demented and disgusted character, resulting in a pervasive discomfort in the audience and stimulating deep questions about where the plot is going.

Meanwhile, the character of Felix Catton, a rich and popular student, appears as a stereotypical image of a social guy in a glamorous campus setting. Jacob Elordi, through his acting flexibility, succeeded in bringing Felix Catton’s character into a living character, and was able to explore the complex side behind his perfect appearance. The balance between physical prowess and internal conflict creates a special charm in Felix’s character, making him a mysterious figure who makes people curious.

Plus the presence of the character Elspeth Catton, Felix’s mother who was previously a model, played by Rosamund Pike. This character brings tension through incessant comments and complaints. Pike carries this character with subtle madness, bringing a touch of dark comedy to the tense family dynamic. Elspeth’s character is a reflection of wealth and luxury which apparently cannot eliminate the emptiness and dissatisfaction in her life.

“Saltburn” succeeds in depicting the dark and strange sides of each of its characters, creating a feeling of disgust that is strangely interesting to follow. Keoghan, Elordi and Pike play their roles brilliantly, eliciting mixed emotions of discomfort and fascination.

Olivier’s disgust, Felix’s complexities, and Elspeth’s subtle madness form a strong psychological foundation, deepening the dimensions of these characters. By combining darkness, emotional complexity, and dark comedy, this film presents a story that not only provides visual entertainment but also challenges viewers to think deeper.

For friends who haven’t seen the film, please consider it first, but if you have decided to watch it, then enjoy watching.

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