Anime Review: Natsume’s Book Friends Season 5 from Yuki Midorikawa’s manga

Anime, as a form of entertainment originating from Japan, has become an inseparable part of global popular culture. Rich in various genres and deep narratives, anime has created fans all over the world. One anime work that has been able to captivate the hearts of many viewers is Natsume’s Book of Friends, also known as Natsume Yujin-cho.

This anime’s success in capturing the attention of audiences is not only due to its meaningful storyline, deep characters, and heart-warming themes, but also because of its ability to present such a deep and touching experience. This article will focus the discussion on the fifth season of this anime and will explain why this season is worth watching.

Natsume Yujin-cho: A Short Introduction

Natsume’s Book of Friends is a faithful adaptation of Yuki Midorikawa’s manga work depicting the journey of a teenager named Takashi Natsume. Natsume is a young man with extraordinary differences; he has the rare ability to see youkai and spirits normally invisible to the human eye. However, ironically, this privilege makes him often bullied by his friends, so he feels lonely and isolated from the world around him.

Everything changes when Natsume inherits the Book of Friends belonging to his deceased grandmother, Reiko. This book contains a collection of names of youkai that were once controlled by Reiko, and with determination, Natsume decides to return these names to the cursed youkai. He felt that this was a way to restore their rights that had been revoked by their grandmother and break the curse that had bound them for years. On this journey, Natsume learns more about himself, about the complex world of youkai, and the true meaning of friendship and empathy.

Season Five: A Chance to Reunite

The fifth season of Natsume’s Book of Friends shows Natsume’s continuing journey in his mission to find the names of youkai contained in his grandmother’s inherited book. This series is known for its in-depth character development, unmatched emotional warmth, and heart-touching moral messages. In this fifth season, we are presented with Natsume’s increasingly strong character development, so we can see him grow and develop as time goes by.

Natsume becomes more mature with each episode, and viewers can see how his feelings and thoughts about youkai and friendship deepen. The complicated balance between the human world and the youkai world, which has always been a central theme in this story, is increasingly felt this season. Natsume continues to learn to understand his relationship with youkai, realizing that there are more nuances behind their appearance and nature that may be frightening to many people.

As Natsume’s character develops, the fifth season also continues to explore the true meaning of friendship and understanding. A deep moral message related to empathy, tolerance and second chances is at the heart of this story. The fifth season of Natsume’s Book of Friends taught viewers valuable lessons about the importance of maintaining relationships with people who are different, sharing stories, and showing empathy for those less fortunate. All of these messages are accompanied by emotionally stirring moments, making this anime a journey that is not only entertaining, but also inspiring. One aspect that has always been the main attraction in Natsume’s Book of Friends is the way the story depicts the complexity of the relationship between Natsume and youkai. In this anime world, youkai are not just magical creatures, but also characters with their own backgrounds, feelings and life stories.

Some youkai become true friends of Natsume, and these relationships add a warm touch to the story. They help him in his mission to restore the names listed in the Book of Friends. Their existence is proof that cross-species friendships are possible and that there is more that binds us to other creatures than we might imagine. Natsume’s relationship with the youkai he befriends is a source of inspiration and hope, and depicts a powerful message of unity and kindness. On the other hand, there are other youkai who become challenges and conflicts for Natsume. They create obstacles in his quest to restore the names of the youkai, and bring a fighting and suspense aspect to the story. It illustrates that the youkai world is not always friendly and challenges Natsume to grow as a stronger individual. The fifth season of Natsume’s Book of Friends explores these aspects in a very touching way. Viewers are presented with emotionally stirring conflicts and moments of kindness that radiate from Natsume’s relationship with youkai. This makes the story even more compelling, with a deeper depiction of the variety of emotions and relationships that exist within it.

Animation and Music

Animation-wise, Natsume’s Book of Friends always stands out with its beautiful art style and serene atmosphere. The series is known for its ability to present stunning natural scenes in exquisite detail. Each natural landscape, such as a forest, lake, or field, is illustrated with stunning beauty. These images not only serve as a visual background, but also play a role in creating the immersive and distinctive atmosphere of this anime. Apart from that, the character designs in Natsume’s Book of Friends also deserve thumbs up. Each character, both human and youkai, has a charming and distinctive design. The characters’ facial expressions are highly detailed, allowing the audience to better connect with the feelings and emotions they are experiencing. This makes the story feel more alive and immersive.

However, one of the most interesting things is the way the animation presents youkai in this story. Each youkai has a unique appearance and traits, and the animation does a great job of expressing their characteristics. The youkai’s movements and appearance help to clearly depict their personalities and history, creating a truly special experience for the viewer. All of these elements come together in harmony, creating an extraordinary visual experience in watching Natsume’s Book of Friends. The beautiful art style, serene atmosphere, enchanting natural scenery, charming character designs, and unique youkai animations all contribute to the overall appeal of the series. Not only in the visual aspect, Natsume’s Book of Friends also presents an extraordinary auditive experience. The accompanying soundtrack is one of the important elements that makes this anime so special. The music in this series is not just a complement, but is also an integral part of the viewing experience.

The opening and ending songs, which are often full of meaning and have profound lyrics, perfectly capture the mood and central themes of the series. The music has a strong emotional appeal, making the audience feel more connected to the story and the characters. These songs are able to evoke a variety of emotions, from warmth to nostalgia, which further enriches the viewing experience. Apart from that, the musical score that supports important scenes in this anime is very effective. Carefully selected background music helps enhance the atmosphere and underscore important moments in the story. This makes the audience more involved in the storyline and emotions of the main characters. Thus, the soundtrack included in Natsume’s Book of Friends not only fulfills its duties as audio support, but also plays an active role in elevating the overall quality of the anime. The quality of the music in this series is one of the many elements that make the experience of watching this anime deeper and more meaningful.

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