Bad Boys Film 5 Depends on the Performance of the Fourth Film!

The producers seem to want to continue the success of the Bad Boys franchise by presenting the film Bad Boys 5. The Bad Boys franchise has released their newest film, Bad Boys 4, entitled Ride or Die. The film itself was officially released in Indonesia on June 5. So far, reactions from many groups regarding this film have been very positive. Not a few people think that this film is considered a success amidst various similar films that failed.

Bad Boys 4 also managed to get an extraordinary amount of income which is proof of its success. Interesting news then emerged that the producers are currently in discussions to present the Bad Boys 5 film project. In an interview with Deadline, the producer of the Bad Boys franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer, admitted that he already has plans to present the fifth Bad Boys film.

“We’ve had discussions (about Bad Boys 5) but we want to see how it (Bad Boys 4) does at the box office, and I’m sure we’ll have conversations about that this week.” Seeing the success of the film Bad Boys 4 at the box office, it does not rule out the possibility that the Bad Boys franchise will present another film. However, Jerry and the others also need to consider various things.

One of them is the age of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. In the film Bad Boys 4 itself, although they still seem to be able to perform various actions, their movements are not as agile as the previous film. They also often admit that they are no longer young. So, even if Bad Boys 5 is released, it might be a good idea if they introduce new characters in the film.

What’s interesting is that the fans’ reactions to this news on social media can be said to be very positive. They welcomed the news and admitted that they would continue to watch the film. The Bad Boys franchise itself was first released in 1995 and was successful in producing buddy cop themed films which are successful in the market even now.

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