Billie Eilish’s Romantic Relationship and Denial of Having a New Boyfriend

A few days ago, Billie Eilish uploaded her ‘annoyance’ on Instagram Story. The singer of What Was I Made For is reportedly in a relationship with a tattoo artist named David Enth. To respond to these rumors, Billie created an Instagram Story by writing “What is all this?” and equipped with several skull emojis. Even though she didn’t mention David Enth openly, Billie was ‘forced’ to explain that she was currently completely single. Of course, this refers to the news released by The Sun which said that Billie and David had spent time together in Los Angeles.

1. Initially Billie was reportedly dating

Reporting from Independent UK, The Sun media uploaded news saying that Billie and David were in a romantic relationship and had dated several times. The Sun also pointed out David Enth’s reputation as a famous tattoo artist. “He is used to tattooing celebrities so he comes highly recommended.” wrote The Sun. Additionally, a source said that the 21-year-old singer is very compatible with David Enth and makes a great couple.

David Enth is considered suitable as a partner because he looks like the type of man Billie dreams of. Billie Eilish is said to like bad boys with tattoos on their faces, like David Enth and his ex-girlfriend Jesse Rutherford. “…her ex looked like an older version of David. It is all very new but they make a great couple.” wrote the media in the news.

2. Flashback to Billie Eilish’s romantic relationship

In 2022, Billie Eilish is dating Jesse Rutherford who has an age gap of 11 years. However, they only dated from October 2022 to May 2023. Initially, there was a photo when they were seen making out outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. This photo also became news for many media and many fans were concerned about the large age difference between the two. Reporting from Independent UK, the two of them actually made jokes regarding criticism about the age difference. For Halloween last year, Billie Eilish dressed up as a baby and Jesse Rutherford dressed as an old man.

Like a lucky fangirl, Billie Eilish once ‘showed off’ herself because she managed to win the heart of the vocalist of the band The Neighborhood. In Vanity Fair’s annual video interview in November 2022, Billie said that she managed to “interest” Jesse Rutherford as her boyfriend. “Can we please give me a round of applause… thank you, Jesse Rutherford, everyone! I managed to charm him!” Billie Eilish is known to like the band The Neighborhood and attended their concert in 2015.

3. Latest News on Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford’s Relationship

The singer of the song Bad Guy spoke about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Jesse Rutherford. In a Q&A he made on Instagram, a fan asked about news regarding Jesse. Billie did not hesitate to answer that Jesse was now just Billie’s best friend. This statement was also supported by Billie Eilish’s spokesperson who once said that Billie and Jesse separated on good terms.

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