Breaking Personal Records, Korean Drama ‘Lovely Runner’ Finishes with High Ratings

The Korean drama Lovely Runner aired its final episode on Monday and Tuesday (27-28/5). Starring Byeon Woo Seok and Kim Hye Yoon, Lovely Runner ended with high ratings.

According to Nelsen Korea, the final episode of Lovely Runner received an average national viewership rating of 5.8 percent. This gain increased by 0.5 percent from the previous episode’s rating of 5.3 percent.

The rating of 5.8 percent also broke the personal record for the drama Lovely Runner. This figure was the highest rating obtained during its broadcast.

Lovely Runner tells the story of Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) who returns to 2008 when she was in high school. He travels through time after the death of his idol Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok) who committed suicide.

When she returned to 2009, Im Sol discovered many things about Ryu SUn Jae that she didn’t know before.

Im Sol also tries to change fate so that Ryu Sun Jae does not end his life. The Lovely Runner broadcast slot after it ends will be replaced by the drama The Player 2: Master of Swindlers.

This drama will start airing on June 3 and stars Song Seung Heon, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Si Un, Tae Won Seock, Jang Gyu Ri, and Bu Bae.

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