Don’t forget Belerick’s skills in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game

Belerick Mobile Legends is a hero or character who specializes in Crowd Control/Regen. This hero has quite high endurance so it is quite difficult for opponents to eliminate him from the start to the end of the game.

This hard tank is also equipped with quite powerful skill effects and is easy to use by Mobile Legends players from newbies to pro player athletes. Belerick was already one of the META heroes when he was released in 2018.

All the abilities it releases are Magic Skill and ATK, so the resulting skill effect is quite high in the game. Apart from being an Offlaner, Belerick is a Tank who is able to fill the Sidelaner role.

As told in the Mobile Legends story, Belerick is one of the Mythical Creatures who was entrusted by the Ancient Ones to guard the forest in the Land of Dawn. He is a kind monster who doesn’t like violence, but if danger attacks him, he doesn’t hesitate to help and save the village.

So that you are not curious, here are the skills that Belerick Mobile Legends build has.

Belerick Mobile Legends Adventure Skills

After knowing the advantages and short story of the hero Belerick, this time Info Sport will review the skills possessed by a Nature’s Child, including:

1. Skill 1 – Ancient Seed

This skill has Crowd Control and AoE properties with a Cooldown Reduction of 8 seconds at the start of the match after use and can be reduced as the hero level increases. Consumes 60 Mana points and is a Magic Skill type.

With this skill, Belerick attacks by releasing vines towards the opponent and produces 200 points of Magic Damage + 50% Total Magic Power as well as a Taunt effect for 1.2 seconds. This skill also deals 80% damage to Minions.

2. Skill 2 – Nature’s Strike

Belerick performs Enhance by increasing Movement Speed by 80% while strengthening Basic Attack which produces 300 points of Magic Damage and a Slow effect of 60% for 1.4 seconds.
Because it is Speed Up and Heal, this skill is also able to regenerate HP by 240 points + 10% HP. This type of skill is included in the Magic Basic ATK which costs 90 Mana points and cooldown for 12 seconds in the early game.

3. Skill 3 – Wrath of Dryad

This skill was previously called Luxuriant Foliage, but after being updated and given buffs and nerfs several times, Belerick’s Ultimate Skill changed its name to Wrath of Dryad. Includes MAgic Skill, Cooldown 40 seconds and Mana Cost of 150 points.

Wrath of Dryad can launch attacks that produce 100 points of Damage + 30% Magic Power 4x. This skill also provides an Immobilize effect for 2 seconds which can be used to gank opponents.

4. Passive Skill – Deadly Thorns

Equipment and Emblem items embedded in Belerick’s hero guide will increase by 40%. When facing an opponent, each hero receives a minimum attack of 50 points of damage, Belerick has a 25% chance of shooting in the other direction.

Then, it provides balanced Magic Damage with 85 additional points to Max HP provided it is above level 5. This skill is a Buff and can only be done for 0.4 seconds.

Because Belerick is a Tank hero who has a Magic Skill attack type, make sure to make a guide consisting of Magic Domination and Defense. Because apart from being able to increase attack and penetration, these two skills are able to speed up Cooldown and increase Max HP so that it is even more difficult to kill.

Belerick Mobile Legends is generally used by gamers to get satisfaction when playing ganking. Russia’s power can be used through classic or current Rank game modes.

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