Earth Defense Force 6 Ready to Launch Spring 2024

Good news for fans of the Earth Defense Force franchise because the 6th series of this game will soon be released in spring 2024.

This game made by SANDLOT will be released simultaneously for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC game consoles on Steam. For you fans of this sci-fi action genre game, let’s check out the latest update from Earth Defense Force 6 in the article below!

Earth Defense Force 6 Will Be Released Spring 2024

On December 22, an article containing plans for the release of the Earth Defense Force 6 game was uploaded to Steam.

In the article, the developer stated that the sixth installation in the Earth Defense Force series will be launched in spring 2024. There are no details yet about the exact date this game will be released. However, considering that 2024 has arrived, it is certain that fans will be able to try out EDF 6 soon.

On the same date, an announcement regarding the Winter Sale event for Earth Defense Force 5 was also released. This game has a discount of up to 70% from the normal price.

The Winter Sale event itself has started on December 21, 2023 and will end on January 4, 2024.

Earth Defense Force 6 gameplay

Reporting from the official website of this game, the setting of Earth Defense Force 6 takes place several years after Earth Defense Force 5.

In the previous game, it was told that humans managed to defeat mysterious invaders who suddenly attacked them. Even though the EDF and humanity succeeded in preventing the invaders from taking over, the remaining population worldwide is only 10%. This puts humans on the verge of extinction.

But the quiet life did not last long. They still have to face clashes with other aliens who are still roaming around.

There are 4 types of soldiers introduced on the game website. They are Ranger, Wing Diver, Fencer, and Air Raider.


In previous wars, the Rangers were soldiers who had expertise in using various firearms.

They are balanced in terms of attack and defense. In this world of guerilla warfare, the Ranger is undoubtedly the main force of the EDF.

Wing Diver

Wing Diver is a special force equipped with energy weapons that do not require energy, can fight in the air, and only consists of women.

Compared to Rangers, the weapons owned by Wing Diver troops are much lighter, making them weaker. As compensation for these weaknesses, these troops have much more agile movements with powerful weapons.


Equipped with two weapons, the Fencer is a soldier equipped with a strong exoskeleton type power-assist.

The “Powered Skeleton” can lift objects weighing more than one ton so that Fencers can use heavy weapons.

In the previous world war, troops consisting only of soldiers using “Powered Skeletons” played a very important role in humanity’s victory.

Air Raider

Air Raiders are soldiers tasked with navigating air raids. Before the last world war, terrorists attacked urban areas and caused many casualties.

To face the terrorists, a squad of soldiers tasked with navigating air attacks is needed. Therefore, the Air Raiders were formed.

Not only does it reveal the troops in EDF 6, several game footage is also displayed on the game’s official website.

Uniquely, the use of the interactive 3D concept is an interesting thing to observe. The reason is, as soon as you hover over one of the images in this gallery, a gunshot effect will appear.

So, that’s a brief description of the latest update for the Earth Defense Force 6 game. Are you one of those waiting for this game to be released?

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