Garena Presents Game’s First Multiregional Tournament

Garena, a leading publisher and game developer, will soon hold Undawn All Star as the first multi-regional tournament for the Undawn game on January 20-28 2024. This tournament is claimed to be present to encourage a healthy competitive climate and strengthen solidarity among Garena Undawn players spread across various servers. different.

“This tournament will be attended by a total of 16 teams from all Garena Undawn servers,” explained Garena Indonesia as publisher of the Undawn game in its statement.

The Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau server will send two squads to compete in Undawn All Star. They will meet the four strongest squads from the Thailand server, four teams from the Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines server, and six squads from the Indonesian server.

Then, each server has a different mechanism for determining the squad that will compete in Undawn All Star. From Indonesia, the first two slots will be filled by the Pros Habibi Lion and The BOSS Lion squads as Champions and Runners-Up from the Dawn of Champions tournament some time ago.

Meanwhile, four other slots will be given to 4 teams on the Top Leaderboard in PVP Undawn mode from all servers in Indonesia. This provides an opportunity for E-Sports talent in the country to participate too.

Technically, Undawn All Star will start with the All Star Playoff League – Group Stage on January 20-21 2024. All squads will be divided into four groups of four squads, where they will compete to qualify for the next round. Only two squads from each group will qualify for the next round or the Semi-Final round.

Next, the eight squads that qualify will compete in the Semi-Final round on January 27 2024. In this round, all teams will be divided into brackets randomly using a double elimination format. This format allows teams that have lost to compete again in the lower bracket to qualify for the next round.

At the end of the Semi Final round, only the 4 strongest teams will remain who have the right to qualify to compete in the Grand Finals on January 28 2024. As an interesting note, all squads competing in this tournament will compete on the Special Server using special.

A given account will have the same statistics and capital among all players. Thus, all squads will have the same abilities and no squad will be superior.

Undawn All Star starts with a drawing or group division which will be broadcast live on January 16 2024.

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