His Popularity Increases Through ‘Exhuma’

Last Friday (29/3), in Jinhae-gu, Changwon City, Gyeongsangnam-do, the biggest cherry blossom festival in Korea, Jinhae Gunhangje. At this festival, a spectacular performance was staged with the participation of actor Lee Do Hyun and the Air Force Band.

Previously, Lee Do Hyun’s military band life was revealed and attracted public attention. In a video released on the Republic of Korea Air Force’s official YouTube channel, Lee Do Hyun put on an energetic performance, capturing the hearts of many people.

Lee Do Hyun’s appearance during military service went viral amidst success

The performance prepared by Lee Do Hyun and the Air Force Band went viral on cyberspace. Lee Do Hyun presented a stunning performance by singing and dancing to the song ‘That That’ by Psy with his colleagues.

After the success of the film Exhuma, Lee Do Hyun’s name became increasingly famous and earned the nickname ‘ten million actor’. Even in his appearance, he introduced himself by saying, “I am ‘ten million actor’, Lee Do Hyun.”

Netizens who were amazed by Lee Do Hyun’s idol-like appearance even though he wore a military uniform and short hair, showered him with praise.

In fact, the topic of Lee Do Hyun having fun at the festival and his dashing appearance in military band uniform has taken over Korean online forums, with netizens leaving comments such as, “He had fun while on active duty”, “Private Lee Do Hyun is really my type”, and “Military cam band fan Lee Do Hyun should be added to his filmography”, and many more.

Lee Do Hyun began his military service in the Air Force Band in August 2023. Debuting in 2018 with the drama Prison Playbook, Lee Dohyun established his position as a leading actor by starring in dramas such as 18 Again, Sweet Home, Youth of May, The Glory, and The Good Bad Mother.

Exhuma’s film, which was released while he was serving in the military, managed to surpass 10 million viewers in just 32 days. Lee Do Hyun became an actor with ten million viewers with his debut film and made extraordinary achievements in his filmography.

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