Hollywood Artists Become Producers of Their Own Series and Films

Hollywood is still the mecca of world cinema. Agree, right? The Hollywood film industry is still the best in its field? This is due to the hard work of the film filmmakers there. But did you know that there are many Hollywood artists who also work as producers.

Not only are they actors, many of them are producers of their own films and series. Want to know who?

1. Tom Cruise

Talking about Tom Cruise, many people definitely know him as a Hollywood actor whose career never slows down. But did you know that Tom also doubles as a producer in several of the films he stars in? Tom first made his debut as a producer in 1996 with the film Mission: Impossible.

After that, this 61 year old actor became the producer of all the Mission Impossible film sequels. Not only that, Tom is also the producer of the Top Gun and Jack Reacher film franchises. Now Tom has a private production house called Cruise/Wagner Productions.

2.Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an Oscar winner and America’s favorite actor. Having started his film career since he was young, now Tom Hanks is also a producer in several films, especially those in which he stars.

Tom first debuted as an assistant producer in the film That Thing You Do! in 1996. However, he first became the main producer through his iconic film, Cast Away (2000). In fact, recently Tom returned as a producer of the famous comedy drama film, A Man Called Otto, which was trending when it was broadcast.

3. Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks first served as executive producer on the film Surrogates (2009). Next he became the main producer on the famous musical franchise film, Pitch Perfect (2012), and Charlie’s Angels (2019), which he starred in. If you pay attention, all of Elizabeth’s films above refer to girl power as she herself is a feminist.

4. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore started her producer career with the hit film Never Been Kissed which was released in 1999 as executive producer. Then he became the main producer for the Charlie’s Angels film franchise in which he starred. Charlie’s Angel is also Drew’s iconic film throughout his career.

5. Margot Robbie

Often referred to as a beauty icon, Margot Robbie is not an actress who only relies on looks alone, you know. Margot really fell in love with the world of cinema, where she was involved as an actress and producer. He debuted as a producer in the film I, Tonya (2017) where this film was successfully selected as Best Independent Film at the 2018 Oscars.

So far, Margot has been the producer of dozens of feature films, you know. Some of his starring roles are Terminal (2018), Birds of Prey (2020), and most recently Barbie (2023). Have you watched any of them?

6. Charlize Theron

If you are a big fan of Hollywood films, you are definitely familiar with Charlize Theron. He first debuted as a producer in the film Monster (2003), which he also starred in. In fact, Charlize managed to take home the Oscar for best actress from this film. To date, he has produced many of his own films including Atomic Blonde (2017) and Bombshell (2019).

7. Reese Witherspoon

Old film fans are certainly familiar with Reese Witherspoon. This 47 year old actress often plays the main role in many hit films. However, many people don’t know that he is also a film producer, including films in which he stars himself.

Reese’s producing career began in 2003 with Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. He also produced the film Hot Pursuit (2015) which he starred in with Sofia Vergara. Now Reese has reduced his activities in front of the screen, but many fans are waiting for Reese to return to acting on the big screen.

8.Brad Pitt

Next there is Brad Pitt, a top actor who is also the owner of Plan B Entertainment. His love for the world of cinema is realized by becoming an actor and producer. His debut as a producer began in 2007 with the film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford in which he was one of the actors.

This Oscar winner was then very active as a film producer. Some of the films he produced and starred in were Moneyball (2011) and World War Z (2013). Have you watched any Brad Pitt films?

9. Tom Hidleston

Next there is Tom Hiddleston who produced the series which he also stars in. Tom debuted as a producer through the series The Night Manager (2016). Meanwhile, the latest series that he stars in and produces is Loki, which aired last October 6.

It can be concluded that the Hollywood artists above have great dedication and love for the world of cinema. The proof is that they were not complacent when they succeeded in becoming famous actors and actresses. In fact, the films and series they produced themselves became hits and even won Oscars.

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