IF Film Review, Rediscovering Lost Imagination

The fantasy comedy film, IF (2024), which will be shown in Indonesian cinemas starting Wednesday (15/5/2024), is another unique work from actor and director, John Krasinski. As director, screenwriter, producer, and even playing a role in this film, IF feels personal to Krasinski, even though perhaps not all viewers can get the meaning he wants to convey through the film.

IF is a film that combines imagination, emotion and creative visuals. From the start, IF draws viewers into a colorful and warm world. The main concept in IF is about imaginary friends (IF) which may not be very familiar to children.

The 104-minute film tells the story of Bea (played by Cailey Fleming), a young girl who is struggling to overcome grief after losing her mother to illness. He also still faces the fear of losing his father (John Krasinski), who is preparing to undergo surgery.

When Bea lives in her grandmother’s apartment, she discovers a new world that brings back her imagination, like when she was a child. With the help of Cal (Ryan Reynolds), Bea’s neighbor, she discovers that IF is not just an imaginary friend, but a real creature for those who still believe.

Bea tries to find happiness again with the IFs, as well as helping them to find the happiness they haven’t felt since being left behind by humans who are starting to lose their imagination.

Even though the elements used in this film tend to be about children’s lives, it seems that this film is actually targeting adult audiences. The messages conveyed in the film, such as loss, loneliness, and the importance of having imagination, are more suitable for adult audiences to understand than children.

The acting performance in IF is entertainment in itself. Reynolds returns with his trademark comedic style, with hilarious actions and spontaneous statements. Cailey Fleming also managed to play Bea charmingly, with the chemistry between Fleming and Reynold seeming strong amidst the adorable imaginary characters.

Some parts of the plot felt a bit flat and perhaps predictable. However, the visual effects of IF managed to become the main strength in the film, presenting a world of John Krasinski’s imagination full of color and magic. IF is also enriched with a number of voice casts from top stars, such as Steve Carell (as Blue), Awkwafina (Bubble), George Clooney (spaceman), and Matt Damon (sunflower).

In the end, IF is a family film that entertains the audience. This film teaches the need to rediscover lost imagination, and how imagination is still needed by humans in the midst of the routine of adult life.

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