Interesting Facts from the Very Popular Film Inside Out 2

The new adventure of the emotions in Riley’s mind in the film Inside Out 2 is currently a favorite show. Here Riley appears as a teenager who is growing with a variety of new emotions. On the verge of entering middle school, Riley’s world changes completely, where Joy and other emotions will experience a more challenging journey.

Riley, the future of hockey and big changes all come together as a complex new set of emotions emerges. In her mind, Riley is still the cheerful child her friends and family know and love, but with her rapidly changing self, she struggles to balance the challenges of her new world.

Behind the exciting and warm story, here are a series of other facts from the film Inside Out 2 that you should know.

Riley’s Crew

To present an authentic story about a teenager and her new emotions, during production the filmmakers recruited nine teenage girls from California, Washington and Louisiana who were between the ages of 13 and 16 when production began in 2021.

“We want a group of teenage girls from diverse backgrounds and interests. Some are interested in music, some are student athletes. They have been with us since the beginning of production.” said Producer Mark Nielsen.

“We send them notebooks. Then we met with them via Zoom and asked the question: What interests you? What’s bothering you? Do you understand the Belief System? Does the interaction feel real to you?” he explained about the involvement of the teenage girls.

Involving Hockey Players

The scene where Riley plays hockey feels so real and it turns out that in the process the filmmakers formed a group of hockey players within Pixar Animation Studios consisting of people who have played hockey or are still playing, fans of the sport, and parents who coach their children’s teams. their child.

This Hockey Group provides input on player style, team play, and the correct way to hold a hockey stick. The filmmakers also looked at women’s hockey teams for inspiration.

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