One Piece Anime Enters the Egghead Arc, Are You Ready to Be Sedated by Nakama?

Entering early 2024, the One Piece anime begins its newest chapter. After completing the Wano Country Arc, which is the longest and most important in the One Piece universe, now the Egghead Arc begins, which will officially air on January 7, 2024 in Japan on Netflix. Through Netflix’s social media, they announced that the Egghead Arc was starting its broadcast on the world’s largest streaming platform.

“On an island full of technology and science, will the Straw Hat crew team be able to uncover the deepest secrets in Egghead? One Piece: Egghead Arc airs on Netflix on January 13,” wrote @NetflixAnime.

In Japan, broadcasting started on January 7, but globally it was only broadcast on January 13.

In the Egghead Arc or the 21st Arc in One Piece, the story continues after the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom. Monkey D Luffy was also appointed as the newest Yonkou, the same as Buggy.

In the latest episode, the episode entitled A New Emperor! Buggy the Star Clown’ will also be broadcast. The story is about Buggy, working alongside Crocodile and Mihawk, showing his strength as a Yonkou. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat crew arrives on Egghead Island, where they confront Dr. Vegapunk, a genius and mysterious scientist in the world of One Piece.

The threats don’t stop there. Luffy and the Straw Hat crew are considered a threat. Luffy is being chased by the World Government.

Luffy also revealed his devil fruit which is called Sun God Nika. The newest Arc adventure begins and becomes more challenging with each episode.

Meanwhile, previously Netflix also announced that it would rework the One Piece anime, entitled The One Piece, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the animated series this year. WIT Studio was chosen as the production house.

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