Post-Credit Scene Explanation for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been showing since December 20 2023 in Indonesian cinemas. This film is the final cinema of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) before the arrival of the DCEU reboot. In the post-credits broadcast of this film, there is an additional scene of Orm starting life on the surface. Speculation also emerged about the implied message of this scene.

On the other hand, superhero films generally have two cutscenes in the post-credits and not one scene like in this film. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has a storyline composed by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, James Wan, and Jason Momoa.

James Wan is also the director. Jason Momoa also plays Aquaman, who collaborates with Patrick Wilson as his younger brother, Orm. The big enemy, Manta, is played by Yahya Abdul Mateen II. Other actors and actresses who also support the characterization include Nicole Kidman, Randall Park, Temuera Morrison, Dolph Lundgren, and Martin Short.

Synopsis of the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom tells the story of the state of the underwater world several years after the events of the first film. Arthur Curry or Aquaman is now the King of Atlantis. He carries out royal activities every day. Aquaman also participates in politics and diplomacy.

It is not surprising that he becomes busier every day because he has to attend meetings with several other royal leaders. Aquaman also has a family. He married Mera and had a son named Arthur Jr. Mera was appointed royal empress. Their lives are of different nature. Mera and her children live on the surface and Aquaman lives under the sea. Even so, they often met on the surface to complain together about Arthur Jr. On the other hand, underwater nations are starting to feel worried about their situation. As part of Justice League, Aquaman is more often on the surface.

The underwater nation is also worried about the safety of its king because it often faces strong enemies. That worry was proven. David Kane or Manta apparently has the ability to kill Aquaman. This powerful enemy also has the ambition to destroy Atlantis.

The reason is that Aquaman killed Kane’s father. Angry revenge is no longer unbearable to vent. Kane finally seeks to find ancient technology that can be used to defeat Aquaman. Kane then finds the Black Trident.

This weapon has magical powers and helps Kane become Manta with even more powerful powers. In addition, the resources it possesses cause global warming and pose a threat to Atlantis.

Aquaman realizes he won’t be able to defeat Manta alone. He then asked for help from his younger brother, Orm, who had previously been his mortal enemy. Orm agrees to help his brother.

A fight ensues between Manta, Aquaman and Orm. What strategy is used to defeat Manta?

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Post Credit Explanation

The post-credits broadcast in the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom shows an additional, intriguing scene. The scene shows Orm trying food on a surface he has never touched. He devoured a burger for the first time at Arthur’s suggestion.

While Orm was eating it, he saw a cockroach walking around. He took the cockroach and added it to the burger. Orm seems to believe that this is also a habit of people on the surface when enjoying their food.

So, is this post-credits presentation a sign of a continuation of the Aquaman film?

That doesn’t seem to be how the scene is explained. The Comic Basics site explains that this scene does not contain a cameo, which is often a sign of the upcoming film.

The post-credit scene of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom actually contains scenes that are not important at all. This scene gives a good perspective on Orm’s character to those who witness it. Apart from that, this scene also does not provide any value for the DCEU and is just a comedy show that shows that Orm doesn’t know anything about life on the surface.

Orm is starting his new life on the surface world. He had his first experience by eating a burger filled with cockroaches.

The film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has also been rumored to be the last DCEU film before the arrival of the DCEU reboot which is under the control of James Gunn. Thus, the post-credit scene in this film is just entertainment and has nothing to do with the main story.

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