PUBG Mobile Latest Version Update to Welcome Christmas and New Year

In less than a month, at the end of 2023, we will enter the Christmas and New Year holiday season. At this moment, it is synonymous with winter in several countries which have at least four seasons.

Welcoming this excitement, PUBG Mobile, with the version 2.9 update entitled Frost Festival, brings a winter atmosphere to the battlefield. This First Person Shooter or FPS genre game will also bring excitement that is no less exciting in the real world.

On November 19 2023, the community can attend Trans Snow World Bintaro to experience the excitement of playing on snow rides like on PUBG Mobile. Each visitor will be charged 200 thousand rupiah to be able to play on the ride, but PUBG Mobile will provide free entry tickets for the first 150 people.

“Apart from enjoying snow rides, the community can also join in the Watch Party event to coincide with Match Day 4 2023 PMGC Group Stage – Yellow, where one of the Indonesian representative teams, namely Bigetron Red Villains, will fight to get tickets to the Grand Final round in Turkey,” PUBG Mobile explained through its statement.

Visitors who participate in the Watch Party can participate in exciting challenges to get exclusive merchandise such as free 2023 PMGC t-shirts, hoodies and jackets. The Watch Party will also be even more exciting thanks to the presence of five popular content creators – Windah Basudara, BTR Alice, Baeby Gray, Rio Djaja, and Rizad Immalano. Fans who have not been able to attend Trans Snow World Bintaro can still enjoy the fun with the five content creators at the livestream event which will be held on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok PUBG Mobile Indonesia.

The excitement of the Frost Festival is not over yet, because BTR Alice will enliven the in-game event “Alice in Winterland” which will take place on 16-30 November 2023. Play this event and get the chance to win the main prize of an iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile v2.9: Frost Festival is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. You gamers, can immediately feel the excitement in this new update.

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