Recommendations for the Best Action Films in 2024 that will Air on Netflix

LOOKING for recommendations for the best action films in 2024, of course there are lots of choices. This action film, which will be broadcast in 2024, will not only be in cinemas. But it also airs on Netflix and you can watch it whenever you want. Not only are my foreign action films showing, there are even ones from Indonesia. To be able to watch it, you only need to subscribe to Netflix.

To do this, you can first download the Netflix application on the Play Store or App Store. Then you register or log in to Netflix.

Make sure you have a Netflix account and have paid the bill. If you have logged in, you can choose from dozens of recommended action films in this article.

Generally, the films that appear on Netflix are series or continuing films. Apart from that, you can still watch films from past years on Netflix.

The following are recommendations for 2024 action films on Netflix

  1. Code 8: Part II
  2. Elevator
  3. Atlas
  4. Madame Web
  5. Heart of The Hunter
  6. City Hunter
  7. The Wages of Fear
  8. Mea Culpa
  9. Scoop
  10. Sixty Minutes
  11. Damsel
  12. Badland Hunters
  13. Rebel Moon – Part Two : The Scargiver
  14. My Name is Loh Kiwan
  15. Spaceman
  16. What Jennifer Did
  17. Bhakhak
  18. Murder Mubarak
  19. The Beautiful Game
  20. Unforsted

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