Review of the film ‘Trolls Band Together’ Poppy and Branch’s love story

Trolls Band Together again presents the action of Trolls saving anyone they care about. This time, Branch tries to save his kidnapped brother. However, he was not alone because his siblings, along with Poppy, took part in the action. As the title suggests, this film reunites the members of the boy band Brozone who disbanded after their first appearance.

Since then, its members have been in disarray and have sought their own fortunes. Branch ended up with Poppy and never admitted to ever being part of the phenomenal boy band.

The presence of John Dory, Branch’s eldest brother, changes everything. Branch’s past is revealed. Although initially reluctant to join John Dory, after learning that his closest brother, Floyd, had been kidnapped, Branch joined in the rescue. Just like the previous films, Trolls Band Together also features many songs. Some of the songs are already familiar to the audience, such as Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) from Eurythmics and a series of songs from NSYNC. The presence of songs like I Want You Back will bring back mothers’ memories of the boy band’s glory era in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

In general, the story is also cliche. The trolls had to travel from city to city looking for Brozone members before continuing their efforts to save Floyd. During their travels, they meet allies and opponents who eventually become their useful allies. There are not many special things in this film. Everything is predictable. Even if there is a twist, the twist feels normal and nothing too surprising. Moreover, this is a film for all ages which definitely has a story that is easier for children to digest.

What’s interesting about this film is the images and animation, as before. Trolls Band Together combines a fantasy setting that tends to be rural with the image of a big city that is more developed and bustling. In addition, there are scenes with backgrounds that depict the dark parts of their world. This combination makes the world of Trolls more alive because it not only tells the story of the glittering world of pop music, but also the gloom there. Even though the story looks a bit forced, for entertainment, this film is suitable for families to enjoy. Mothers who accompany their children will be more enthusiastic about singing along during the film.

Trolls Band Together presents shows that the family can watch. The nostalgic feel will be loved by parents and the adventure is suitable for children. But, yeah, that’s it, that’s all. There is nothing too special about this film. This film is for all ages and is 1 hour 31 minutes long. Have a good time watching.

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