Roronoa Zoro Officially Gets One Piece Prequel

Roronoa Zoro will get his own prequel novel in One Piece. After running for almost 30 years, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga has built a vast world with many characters worth exploring. Well, interestingly, there will be a prequel story from one of the characters that will be prepared, to further expand the One Piece universe.

News spread on platform X (formerly Twitter) that the One Piece series will release a prequel novel dedicated to Monkey D. Luffy’s vice-captain, Roronoa Zoro. As reported by Shonen Jump News, the new One Piece novel will be entitled ZORO, which will focus on Roronoa Zoro’s early adventures before becoming a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. This light novel will be written by Jun Esaka with illustrations by Nakamaru.

Esaka is a skilled light novel writer who has worked on Naruto manga, such as Naruto Shinden and Naruto Retsuden. Previously, Esaka wrote the One Piece novel which focused on female characters called HEROINES, which featured Nami, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, Uta, and others. Esaka is also working on the One Piece Odyssey novel, which is adapted from the upcoming One Piece Odyssey game for Nintendo Switch. Nakamaru also worked with Esaka on her light novels as an illustrator.

Sanji, the playboy chef of the Straw Hat Pirates, recently received his own manga spinoff from the creative team behind Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. One Piece: Shokugeki no Sanji, currently available in English by Viz Media, explores various points in Sanji’s life before and after he became a pirate. One chapter also explores Sanji’s history at the Baratie restaurant with his father figure Red-Leg Zeff, while another chapter presents his point of view during the Arabasta Arc.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the Zoro prequel novels, and hopefully we’ll get to know the short previews that are usually shared. And maybe the novel will reveal more about Zoro later.

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