SMG Mikko reveals the MPL MY team’s problems in international tournaments

What are the obstacles for MPL MY teams to be able to talk a lot in international tournaments according to SMG Mikko?

Roamer Team SMG, Mikko, expressed his opinion regarding what is the biggest obstacle or obstacle for MPL MY teams to be able to compete with other teams in international tournaments.

MPL MY is one of the biggest and longest-standing leagues apart from MPL ID and PH in the MLBB competitive scene. Moonton presented this league because it saw that the popularity and quality of MLBB players in that country or region was quite high, even though it had previously been merged with Singapore under the name MPL MY/SG.

In other words, from the start Moonton has considered that Malaysia is one of the regions with the greatest quality and is worthy of continuing development. However, from time to time the achievements of MPL MY representatives continued to decline and they were never able to speak much in international tournaments.

The highest achievement of MPL MY representatives in events ranging from M-Series to M5 World Championship so far is still held by Todak at the M1 event. Ciku et al as the home team at that time managed to finish in third place and could never repeat this at the next similar events.

In fact, if you look at it in general terms, the MPL MY teams have experienced quite significant developments in the games of the teams competing in them. The presence of imported players in most of the teams should also have lifted their game to the next level.

However, in fact, in M5 which adopted a new format compared to the previous edition, not a single Malaysian representative such as HomeBois and Team SMG was able to qualify for the playoffs. This certainly shows that the MPL MY teams are experiencing problems, or perhaps teams from other regions are developing too quickly.

SMG Mikko said the MPL MY team’s biggest obstacle was and compared it with MPL PH

Even though he has only played for one season with Team SMG, Mikko certainly has enough of a feel for what the MPL MY teams play like to compare it with his previous experience playing in MPL PH with Smart Omega.

To ONE Esports, Mikko tried to give his opinion regarding what the MPL MY team lacks which is the main obstacle to being able to compete with other regions. This turns out to be related to gameplay.

“The MPL PH teams showed different playing skills compared to the MPL MY teams. The Philippine team is good at predicting the opponent’s next move, and is more proactive. Meanwhile, the Malaysian team tends to be more reactive. “The Philippine team is always one step ahead,” said Mikko to ONE Esports.

Apart from that, Mikko also revealed that the hunger of the Malaysian teams is not as big as that of the Philippines. The level of satisfaction with what he wants to achieve is also not too great according to the 23 year old player.

“Filipino players always focus on the prize and have a strong determination to win. “This is contrary to the views of some teams in Malaysia who seem satisfied with just finishing in the top eight,” said Mikko.

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