Suicide Squad Isekai Releases First Trailer

Suicide Squad, the iconic antihero team from DC Comics, is ready to enter the world of anime with the Isekai genre in their new series. In collaboration with Wit Studio, known for their work on “Ranking of Kings” and “Spy x Family”, this project promises to be a different adventure than usual​​. With the official title “Suicide Squad Isekai”, this series has finally released its first trailer which shows an overview of the story of this anime.

The Suicide Squad team in this anime will be filled with characters such as Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, Clayface, and Peacemaker, with Amanda Waller as their leader. These characters will be brought to life by renowned voice actors such as Anna Nagase, Reigo Yamaguchi, and Takehito Koyasu, adding depth to each character​​.

The released trailer provides a glimpse into the team’s first Isekai adventure, with indications that they have limited time in this new fantasy world. There is an element of suspense with the bombs attached to their skulls, which are ready to explode.

Warner Bros, as the party involved in this project, describes “Suicide Squad Isekai” as an original anime series that combines the worlds of Harley Quinn, Joker, and Suicide Squad in the Isekai genre. The series promises to be a crazy encounter of worlds in an epic and violent fantasy, presented by the strongest team of anime creators​​.

Anime fans and loyal followers of DC Comics are certainly looking forward to seeing how these iconic characters will adapt to the Isekai setting. With a combination of strong voice talent and a promising narrative, “Suicide Squad Isekai” has the potential to become a new phenomenon in the world of comic books and anime that can actually collaborate with each other.

With the release of this first trailer, enthusiasm and expectations for “Suicide Squad Isekai” are increasing. Fans all over the world are now looking forward to more information and of course, the broadcast of this series next year. A bold step from DC Comics and Wit Studio which combines two worlds that have always been different into one unique and interesting narrative whole.

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