Tarot Film Review (2024) No Need to Have High Expectations

The latest horror film, “Tarot”, was produced by Columbia Pictures and directed by Spenser Cohen, who has made short films entitled: Blink and Shattered. He is not alone in directing this film, Anna Halberg, the creator of the podcast series entitled: Classified, also participated. This ± 92 minute long film stars young actors and actresses such as Olwen Fouere, Avantika, Jacob Batalon, and many other supporting stars.

The Tarot film, which will be broadcast on May 15 2024, the script was written by the director duo together with Nicholas Adams, the author of the novel “Horrorscope”, which was adapted into the Tarot film.

The Tarot film tells the story of a group of young people who spend the night in an old house. Well, they found a hand-painted tarot card and then tried to tell fortunes using it. Unfortunately they broke the rules of tarot reading. This rule is related to the prohibition on using other people’s tarot cards.

To their horror, the broken prohibition, unbeknownst to them, has released the evil trapped in the cursed cards. One by one, they are faced with a terrible fate and must fight for survival against death. Wow, that’s really scary!


For me, film is an art that presents various emotions and experiences to the audience. However, sometimes, the high expectations raised by the trailer for a film don’t always come true when watching it on the big screen. That’s what happened, as in my experience watching “Tarot”. The trailer is interesting, but the film doesn’t live up to expectations.

The premise used in a film can be the main key that determines how the audience will receive the plot presented. However, unfortunately, the premise of Tarot Films is too cliche. Which, makes every plot and thing that is brought up feel ordinary and doesn’t leave a meaningful impression. I don’t know, this doesn’t seem much different from the plot of the film Final Destination where the main characters are chased by death.

One point that is very unfortunate, it is related to the moment of death. What to do? A character’s death in a film should be a dramatic or perhaps emotionally moving moment. However, if the character development is not strong enough or the audience cannot connect with them (the characters), then the death they experience will not have a significant impact. Well, that’s what happens in this film. The audience is presented with death after death that is not memorable, even the impression is, “Oh, that’s it!”

Not only that, for some reason I felt bored at many things, especially when the jump scare appeared. You know, sometimes, boredom when watching horror films can be caused by too many jump scares. Instead of making you scared, the fall actually disrupts the viewing experience. Even the plot is too predictable, which makes this film’s weaknesses even more complete. Even in the beginning there were coincidences which I thought were ‘really coincidental’.

For apparitions in horror films, they are often the key to creating a frightening atmosphere. However, not for this film. Somehow the design isn’t scary.

However, after all a score must be there, so very consciously and subjectively, my score is: 5/10. Even though there are moments that manage to shock you, the overall experience of watching it is not satisfying. This film may be successful in creating tension, but not enough to become a truly memorable horror work.

Have you watched the Tarot Film? Try watching it and feel the sensation. Will we agree? You won’t know if you haven’t seen the film. Enjoy watching, okay?

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