The fate of Kafka Hibino Kaiju No.8 on the Edge

The story in the anime series Kaiju No.8 is getting more exciting. In episode 11, the fate of Kafka Hibino suddenly turns into a Kaiju to save the crew of the Third Division of the Defense Force.
Kaiju No.8 prepares to end its first season. In the latest episode, Kafka is in danger and on the edge.

Fans have seen Kafka use his Kaiju No.8 abilities in several battles so far. But after revealing his secret identity to the entire Third Company, he is now being tested by the Defense Force. Is Kafka a kaiju or a human?

Director General Shinomiya takes personal control of this test, and begins to fight Kafka with his weapon capabilities based on Kaiju No.2’s body.

As you know, detikers, the Kaiju that were successfully neutralized had their bodies used to make weapons so they could fight other Kaiju. Kaiju No.8 is also said to be one of the most dangerous daikaiju in Japanese history, you know.

Director Shinomiya shows off his powers and tests Kafka’s limits. It is here, Kafka’s Kaiju form develops to a new level. He started to lose control and released other terrifying powers.

Kafka was forced to completely transform in order to survive (something he endured to stay alive during this ordeal). But his body no longer responded to his thoughts. In fact, the original flying kaiju that possessed him has taken complete control.

What will happen to Kafka Hibino next? Don’t forget to watch Kaiju No.8 on detikers’ favorite Netflix and Crunchyroll streaming services.

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