The film ‘Mean Girls’ takes in the biggest earnings at the US box office in early 2024

Data from The Number reveals that the Mean Girls remake is in first place on the Biggest Weekends of 2024 list at the United States (US) box office.

During its week of broadcast, the musical genre film earned US$28.65 million from its screenings in 3,791 US cinemas.

Meanwhile, according to a Variety report, the production budget for this film only cost US$36 million. The funds spent are relatively small, because Mean Girls was originally planned to be broadcast on the Paramount+ streaming service.

However, this discourse changed when the results of the screening test were deemed satisfactory. Mean Girls also appeared on the big screen and scored high revenues.

Just like the original version, the remake of Mean Girls follows the story of Cady Heron, a new student who joins a popular girl group called The Plastics, led by Regina George.

During their time together, Cady falls in love with Regina’s ex and things get complicated. Then he was helped by his outcast friends to take revenge against the Plastic gang.

Then in second place is The Beekeeper which earned US$16.57 million from 3,303 domestic cinemas in its first week of screening.

Then the prequel film Wonka, starring Timothee Chalamet, was in third place with revenues of US$14.07 million. The figure comes from screenings in 3,817 US theaters.

The following is a list of US box office films with the biggest grosses in the first week of 2024, with a release period of December 2023-January 2024 according to The Numbers page:

  1. Mean Girls: US$28.65 million
  2. The Beekeeper: US$16.57 million
  3. Wonka: US$14.07 million
  4. Night Swim: US$11.79 million
  5. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: US$10.60 million

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