The Largest Family in the World, 199 People Live in One House

If you have ever been interested in the story of the world’s largest family, then this story in India will probably amaze you.

A total of 199 family members live under one roof in such a large house. The exact location is in Baktawng Village in the state of Mizoram, northeast India. As reported by Oddity Central, the family which is believed to be the largest in the world has to share space, facilities and food in the same house. Pu Ziona, who holds the title of head of the largest family in the world, is polygamous with 38 wives. From the results of his marriage, he now has 89 children and 36 grandchildren. However, Ziona passed away in 2021 when he was 76 years old. He experienced health complications due to hypertension and diabetes.

After Ziona left, this family chose to remain in the man’s large house which was built in the Baktawng hills. Several of Ziona’s sons are said to have had wives with some of them having more than one wife. Now, the total number of members of the largest family in the world has reached 199 people.

The family’s routine was to eat twice a day in a large hall inside the house. Uniquely, when meal time arrives, the atmosphere there doesn’t look like a normal family dining room but instead looks like a busy canteen with lots of customers.

Seemingly harmonious, these family members share everything from daily workload, food, to finances.

Current Condition of the Family

Although all family members want to carry on the ‘legacy values’ espoused by their father, Pu Ziona, some of them feel unable to do so.

“I am not my father! He was chosen by God, but we are just ordinary people and cannot have many wives,” Mr Record, one of Ziona’s youngest sons, told The Straits Times recently.

Not only that, some family members choose to send their children to places where they can get a better education, paving the way for future generations to achieve success in their lives.

Then as time goes by, now a new house is being built in the village to become another residence for this family. The togetherness of 199 family members under the same roof of the house is just waiting for time to end, until the new house is finished.

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