The Latest Call of Duty Will Be Exhibited After Xbox Games Showcase 2024

There is really high curiosity to see what Microsoft will show off via their big summer event – this year’s Xbox Games Showcase. After massive investment action with the acquisition of many developers, 2024 will be the first year that Activision Blizzard is now standing under their banner. With other studios also having been given a lot of time to develop their products, this year could be the year when this showcase will contain interesting games. One that seems to be confirmed? Call of Duty.

Through their official blog, Microsoft confirmed the presence of the Xbox Game Showcase on June 9 2024 local time, which of course will be presented via various existing streaming services. So just like the format in 2023 where it immediately continued with a showcase focus on Starfield, Microsoft looks like it will focus this year on the newest Call of Duty series which is allegedly coming from the Black Ops series. Microsoft is indeed struggling to build a bit of mystery about this title, but the appearance of the distinctive Call of Duty: Black Ops logo, the Activision writing which is still clearly visible on the right side of the image, and the choice to use the [REDACTED} format seem to be indirect confirmation.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t said much about which developers will appear at their Showcase this time, whether from first or third parties. How about you? What games do you hope will appear at Xbox Games Showcase 2024?

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