Volleyball athlete Megawati Hangestri was surrounded by Korean fans like a K-pop idol

Indonesian volleyball athlete Megawati Hangestri was welcomed like a K-Pop idol after becoming the best player or MVP when defending Red Sparks against IBK Altos at Hwaseong General Indoor Stadium on Thursday (18/1/2024).

This moment was shared by the @kpopchartofficial account on TikTok. The athlete was seen surrounded by many people after leaving the match venue.

“Like an idol, Megawati was surrounded by Korean fans asking for autographs and photos after successfully becoming MVP,” wrote the account quoted on Saturday (20/1/2024).

Megawati Hangestri was seen greeting the fans who surrounded her. They competed to take a portrait of the veiled woman with their cellphones. Megawati also seemed enthusiastic about responding to their request to take photos. He also signed autographs for Red Sparks fans.

“Mega, please,” shouted the video recorder who kept shouting Megawati’s name to get her attention.

The athlete from Jember then turned to the recorder and approached him. He gave his autograph happily.

Hearing this, Megawati suddenly smiled while saying hello in Thai. Many were impressed to see how Korean people appreciated Megawati even though she was not from there.

“There, the popular athletes are the same as idols,” commented the account @hana_ush.

“It’s really cool that Miss Megawati is already at idol level there,” added the account @junebistro.

“Everything has to be in its place to be appreciated,” said the account @ne3dz2.

“Yes, don’t get me wrong, athletes have no less fans than idols, but they are more supportive,” said the account @msychamn.

Megawati performed brilliantly in the third match of the fourth round of the 2023-2024 South Korean Volleyball League. It’s no surprise that he is loved by Koreans.

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